About us

We are a family with Spanish roots of the first generation, with vibrant gastronomic traditions in the mediterranean, among which are the good table and the cult of the wine. The love for the land and its crops, in this case the vine, prompted us to fulfill a dream, started by planting the first vines of strains in spain in the year 2012, in the town of San Manuel (Melipilla), thus giving rise to noble wines of author. We have 3 hectares of Tempranillo, Garnacha, Monastrell and Carignan. We have own winery, so we do all the process of winemaking from the formation of the vine to the labeling. In this project, we worked with three generations of the family.

The harvest is done 100% by hand, producing natural wines with utmost dedication throughout the process. The vineyard has a sustainable management in the process of being certified as organic. Our wines are already notable recognition both in Chile and abroad.

The long tradition of growing of the family dates back to the beginning of the EIGHTEENTH century, in The Ribeira Sacra region, southeast Galicia, Spain, to our grandfather, who along with our father Candido Moure Rodriguez, emigrated to Chile in 1933.

In this context of traditions and fidelity to the roots, our current dream is to continue this exciting project with future generations.

An anecdote regarding the excellent adaptation of the strains Spanish, in our terroir:
We visited a Spanish diplomat, who was eight years away from his native land of Logroño, La Rioja, capital of Tempranillo in Spain. Started the lunch, we serve you a glass of our Tempranillo ARMINDA 2018. Felt its aroma, observed its color and drank it: he broke down in tears and said, “I have gone home”.